Filming inquires

We accept filming inquires via email.
Please send a proposal for your work, a copy of script, a summary of locations you are looking for, and any other relative documents.
In addition to the information published in the location library of our home page, there are more places available for location shooting, please inquire and discuss further with us. (Depending on the contents of inquiry, please allow us some time to respond)
※When you have decided to film in Japan, please ensure that you delegate the application procedures to a Japanese production company. (This is to avoid troubles and save time for negotiations regarding contracts and payments of location fees, equipment rental etc.)
If you have problems in finding a Japanese production company, please contact us.

Location Recce

We will forward your filming inquiries to the locations through local municipal film commissions.
If there are potential locations matching your needs, please carry out a location recce. Location recces can be delegated to Japanese production companies if you wish.
Film Commission staff will accompany you on location recce whenever possible.
※Please be aware that not all location fees are available to view or may differ from our homepage. Please consult directly or through a Japanese company with the facility/location manager in advance.
(The Film Commission will not be responsible for negotiations on location fees.
However, we can provide you with information about accommodation and meals.)

Location booking

When desired locations have been determined, please submit the “Filming support application" to us at least 2 weeks in advance. You should delegate your application submission to a Japanese production company.
※The letter of attorney can be in any format.
※By applying to our filming support, you agree to observe and consent the conditions below at the end of this page.


We will accompany the filming whenever possible.

After filming

Please fill in the “Economic impact survey”, and report your expenses in Ibaraki Prefecture on accommodation, transportation, equipment and meals etc. in Japanese yen.

Please credit our support of your production as described below.

Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan Ibaraki FilmCommission

We would like to share information of your work on our homepage, please kindly provide film stills and photos of behind-the-scene.


  • If you need to amend the filming date and time, contact us as soon as possible.
  • In the event of physical damage or disruptive behavior caused to the residents, the original state shall be restored and compensations shall be made accordingly.
  • The facility/location manager and Ibaraki Prefecture shall not be held responsible for any accidents and injuries of any film crew.


You agree to,

  • List “Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan | Ibaraki Film Commission" in your work’s credit.
    If not possible, please provide a reason.
  • Provide film stills, photos and posters etc. to the Ibaraki prefecture PR team (For the use of publicity magazine issued by Ibaraki prefecture, website homepage, social network of Ibaraki Film Commission and location maps). In addition, please allow us to film and take photos on site of filming.
  • Allow us to publish and publicize information of your work on the homepage of Ibaraki Film Commission, after initial information about your work has been released to the public.
  • Allow any art objects provided to the Prefecture after filming that is related to your work to be used for publicity of Ibaraki (exhibitions in prefecture-wide events etc.)
  • Join the film production insurance.